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Drug Information System

The portal PharmNet.Bund provides information on drugs from the drug information system of the competent authorities in order to improve transparency and safety of drugs and to monitor the appropriate therapeutic use.

Attention please

The Drug Information System (AMIS) has been used for many years. Due to technical progress and insufficient assurance of functionality for the future, AMIS will be replaced by the successor database AmAnDa.

This process has been prepared intensively and is very complex. It is planned to complete the replacement in the near future, but the availability of sub-functions may be limited beyond the transitional period.

During the transitional phase, the previous AMIS database and thus also the public part of the AMIS database will be frozen to the status of March 19, 2020.


Drug Information System

Drug Information System

Free Content

The following informations are cost-free:

You can access the system via the "Search Access for non-professionals" or the "Search Access for professionals" button and navigate directly to the application in which the following information is free of charge:

  • Medicinal Product Name and Dosage Form
  • Marketing Authorisation Holder and Licence Number
  • Marketability
  • Patient Information Leaflets and Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC)
  • Public Assessment Reports
  • Summary of Public Assessment Reports (sPARs)
  • Risk-Management-Plans (sRMP)
  • Result reports of clinical trials (professional access only)

Summary of Product Characteristics and Patient Information Leaflets are already available for numerous marketable medicinal products. The publication of Public Assessment Reports is still developing; therefore there are only a small number of reports at the moment.

Additional Content (changed in January 2019)

If you want to call up documents containing further information on marketing authorization please use the database "AMIS-Öffentlicher Teil (public part)" after byuing a flat-fee.

Supporting Information

The Information on drugs provides the drug information system of the competent authorities BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices), PEI (Paul-Ehrlich-Institut) and BVL (Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety).

Last modified: 5/26/20

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